Life's a Beach and a Playground

It looks as though we are going to have a fabulous spell of good weather (fingers crossed). That means that there is hope for surviving the four hour class picnic. Sea Day was a nice experience with a lot of parent help and very cooperative kids. There were tons of intertidal creatures to be found and the weather wasn't too bad. No broken bones and no lost students either.

Mike has been taking part in a log home building class that is constructing a cabin for a developed recreation site near town. They built it at the local university and next week it will be transported and reconstructed at the campground next week. The pictures are amazing. I'll post some soon.
Clare and Ge Gee have been enjoying the playground and the beach on a regular basis.
Ride 'em cowgirl!


Glamour girl!

Posing with my sunstar!
Loving Spencer...


Where Did A Month Go?

I can't even begin to imagine how time passes so quickly these days. The few short hours I get to spend with Little Lovey Sweet Sweet seem to fly by. Often, they are the best and the worst hours of her day. We see that super happy baby first thing in the morning, and stubborn, grouchy baby rears her head in the evening. All those hours of book reading, block stacking, beach combing, and naps are left for Auntie Gee Gee to oversee. I am counting down the days until I can once again enjoy them as well.

This past month has been a busy one for sure. LLSS took her first trip to the pool. It was a bit scary at first, but she warmed up to it. So much so, that in the end I was dealing with a screaming toddler unhappily getting out of the water. I am really beginning to understand the need for ultimate patience.

We also went herring fishing at the city dock with Daddy. That was great fun. LLSS loves the boats. She was super excited about the fish, until the got up on the dock. Then there was a series of, "No, no, no," as Mike whacked them on their heads and threw them in the bucket.

LLSS has been exploring the town with her Auntie Gee Gee. Uncle Chuck came for a visit and the three of them spent many hours at the beach, walking around downtown, and seeing the sights. LLSS made a fast friend with this cone. The vacuum is very jealous right now.

LLSS and Dae Dae's friendship continues to blossom. They spend a great deal of their days together trying to get what the other one has. The grass is always greener, I suppose. LLSS assumes that Dae Dae should do everything she tells him to. She told him to get in this chair with her. Don't they have the cutest baby feet? Occasionally Dae Dae has his own ideas. Sometimes this creates a bit of, well, tension.

My teaching job is almost over. Did I mention that I am counting the days? Twelve, in case you needed to know. I haven't counted days for a very long time. Tattling, chatting, and chair throwing have taken their toll on my tired, fragile nerves. I am looking forward to long days with a toddler, where that type of behavior is expected.

I once again tried my hand at the domestic chore of jam making. This time with success. The past three times I have ended up with syrup. The husband and I debated whether it should be called syrup, or just failed jam. I think that it is a win-win. If you get jam, good. If you don't, good. This batch was rhubarb-red huckleberry. I'll post pictures.