A January Post (Barely)

The mattress warehouse....that's our bedroom. As Clare puts it, "Finn sleeps in the crib in the middle. My bed is on one end. Mom and Dad sleep in their bed on the other end." Yep, we are all sharing a room. Ah, the joys.

Let's just start with a lot of snow and then hard rain on top of that. Add to the mix a poorly installed egress window and a basement with carpet. Again, Clare puts it best: "There was a big puddle in my room." Gallons of water. A wet carpet. A soaked carpet pad. Wet sheet rock. A fabulous insurance company willing to help take some of the pain away.

Lemonade anyone? Well, now that we have access to the floor we have located the old waste line from a toilet previously installed in the basement (yes we knew of this) and are planning to reinstall a toilet in that location. And a sink. A bathroom downstairs! We have big, thrifty, do-it-ourselves plans. With all the spare time we seem to have on our hands, this project should be completed by 2015. Good thing we aren't planning on adding any more tax deductions, I mean kids, to the family. I don't think there is room for another bed in our bedroom!