Photo Update

They DO love each other!


Finally some warmer weather

We broke out the sandbox

Yep, climbing the chair...

Surrogate hair (when Mom is not available)

He'll outgrow it, right?

The shirt says it all

Snuggling with M and watching a little PBSKids


Spike's Quilt

Some friends of ours are having their first baby any minute now. He has been dubbed "Spike" while in the womb. Not sure if that will stick when he makes his debut, but one thing I do know is that he will have a couple amazing parents.

Here is his quilt, washed, dried, and not lint free - I did that before I put it in the box, but not before cursing for not taking care of that step before taking photos. The final measurements were something like 45" by 45".

Best wishes, Lee and Krissy! May your life with Spike be filled with love and wonderful memories!
Front - sunny chair view


Full front view