To See What She Could See

Today the weather was a bit miserable and we were stuck inside, so for Little Lovey Sweet Sweet it was a perfect opportunity to wear a new, fancy dress. Here she is, looking for boats or airplanes...
We did take a trip to the grocery store and this is her prize for being such a good girl while shopping: one FREE SeaMart balloon (well, the string at least). I believe she was looking at a raven perched in a nearby tree in this picture.
Auntie Gee Gee hasn't had the best weather for seeing the sites, but we did get a small break yesterday. We went for a nice walk behind the house. The snow is almost gone, which can only mean one thing. The bears will soon be out! It's a good thing Gee Gee is here for a few more weeks, because the weather looks pretty terrible for the next seven days at least. The herring fishery is suppose to open soon, so we'll be sure to report on that as well.


Hooray for Gee Gee

On Sunday evening, Little Lovey Sweet Sweet's newest favorite person arrived on the evening jet. After a brief moment of hesitation, LLSS promptly moved right into Auntie Brigid's (or Gee Gee as she is known currently) personal space. Mom and Dad have taken a place on the back burner.

This photo was taken prior to the arrival of Gee Gee. Notice LLSS using Trucker as a cushy footrest while listening to a story. Trucker doesn't look too happy, but he is desperate for attention at times, this being one.


Rain Bubbles and Sunsets

Ah, the wagon is so much more fun when there is someone to share in the excitement of riding. Little Lovey Sweet Sweet and Dae-Dae went for a quick zip around the neighborhood and down to the beach on Thursday. The weather wasn't so nice, but with enough bundling and blankets, I was really the only one feeling the cold. Plus, these two are sporting their matching Rain Bubble Suits. And thanks to Eve, they were nice and cozy under a double layer of bright and bubbly fleece!

Here they are down on the beach, just before they both decided to make a mad dash for the surf. It was at this exact moment that I was doubting my sanity in trying to corral two determined toddlers in their struggle to test the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Trailer living doesn't seem so bad at times, especially when you can enjoy a sunset like this from your kitchen. After a morning of mixed rain and snow, the afternoon was quite beautiful and the evening ended with this beauty.

Yesterday was also my first day back in a classroom in quite some time. I got a glimpes of my students at their best and possibly at their worst. This is what I learned (or remembered WAY TOO LATE):

  • Don't do art projects that involve glue, paper, paintbrushes, or kids getting out of their seat.
  • The Friday before Spring Break is almost as bad as the day after Halloween.
  • The first day away from LLSS was not as bad as I had envisioned it partly due to her spending a great day with her dad.
  • The rulers will now be moved to a VERY high shelf.


A Spring Day (sort of)

After a morning chilling with Dae-Dae, Little Lovey Sweet Sweet enjoyed some brief snippets of sunshine this afternoon, interspersed with gusty winds, rain, and hail. That's spring in Alaska for you. We went to the beach but arrived near high tide with barely a touch of sand showing. LLSS desperately wanted to beachcomb, but do to inappropriate footwear and, well, a lack of a beach we had to make a deal to try again later.

Here she is getting ready to go for a wagon ride with her dad while I whip up some dinner.

And here she is helping her dad carry firewood around to the porch. Have you noticed a spectacular trend that involves a love of helping out with household chores?

If you have superior eyesight, you might notice the daffodil bulbs emerging from the ground in the rock rings. The tulips are up as well. Now I just hope they can survive the freezing weather that is forecast for this weekend.

Here are the four quilt squares I have completed thus far. I like how they are coming together and can't wait to mix them up with a few more. I'm still not sure what the finished dimensions of this project will end up being. I'm just going to make squares until I am sick of them, then put them together and proceed from there!


Dish Duty

Here is the sweetest little helper in the world. We can only hope that she will be this excited about doing dishes when she is sixteen.

Trucker, looking majestic on his cat perch...


Keep on Truckin'

Ah, the indignity of it all. Here is Trucker, all bandaged and half looped. After months of head shaking and goop flicking, he finally had surgery on his ear. Aside from his OCD scratching resulting in a stylish hobble and constant need for head bandages, he is recovering well. Sally seems to be quite fond of his hobble as well!


The Pose, The Stoop, The Square

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went for a three mile walk with some play time at the beach in the middle. Then, like magic, the rain arrived. But not before we squeezed in some fun this morning with a trip downtown and to Totem Park for a little walk. Little Lovey Sweet Sweet sported her new clothes from Auntie Sarah (with a warm winter coat and boots, of course).

This is what the majority of the walk entailed. She is obsessed with gravel, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Cool totem pole to the right.

Here is block number two for the quilt I am constructing. So far so good. I am really enjoying the freedom of cutting and piecing as I go. I am also looking forward to trying this in lots of other colors. Maybe charcoal and gray next...


One Down, Seemingly Hundreds To Go

I've got the fever, quilting fever that is. I love how these colors came together to create such a sunny combination. I'm really looking forward to creating a few more of these so I can see them together. It's just a matter of squeezing in some time between the baby, class, and work. Maybe after everyone is in bed. Sleep is so overrated anyway. I've been doing fine without it for the past sixteen months!

Little Daddy Foo Foo

What do you get when you combine one energetic baby girl, one fun daddy, and a pair of grey tights? A super exciting game of Little Bunny Foo Foo. I love these two! They have some of the best fun around.