Will I ever have all the skin on my knuckles? Home repairs are costly...in many ways!



All we need is...



Want to know what is awesome when the temperature is negative two? Splitting wood.

We are making progress on the other house. The small bedroom is painted. The tub is caulked. Some huge gouges in the floor are on their way to being filled. Filling holes in our bedroom walls, possibly a first coat of paint in there, and painting the hall are all on the agenda for tomorrow.



 A quilt for Zola. A darling baby who had a bit of a rough start to life but who is doing quite fabulously now! Made from an assortment of fabrics and a patchwork 'Z' for the back.
Rainbow Wonky Log Cabin

Patchwork Z
A closer view

Quilt photo session helper!



Last week, for our tenth anniversary, Mike and I got my mom and Finn this...snuggle time on the couch. We're nice like that!



Want to know what is disgusting? I'm happy to tell you. It's other people's caulk.

I have recaulked bathtubs before, and no, it is never fun, but when all the grossness that accumulates in the caulked joints of a tub surround do not belong to you, and/or your immediate family members, it is just plain gross.

On the bright side, after way too many hours of scraping, scrubbing, razoring, prying, and other various failed methods, the old is gone and the new is ready to be applied. Tomorrow. When I'm not so grossed out!

This house has an all-in-one tub and shower. That's right, no caulk!



The night of her Christmas program. She's dressed, brushed, braided, and missing her first tooth. The excitement was palpable I tell you. Palpable!



When in search of a Christmas tree, always pick on up the steepest slope around. If you can't make it to the tree, turn around and slide down that slope to pass the time. One of the best lessons of childhood: make your own fun!



Weiser. When I think about living there, I think about work. A lot of work. I guess that is to be expected with home ownership. Leaving was really hard. Moving on and letting someone else enjoy all that work was hard, but in a satisfying way. Here are a few pictures that our realtor took and used on her website.
 New concrete work in the front. New flower beds. New trees. New paint. New gate. New faucet.

New counters. New cupboard. New paint. Refinished floors. New window treatments. New ceiling. New lights. I really wish I had a good "before" picture of this room, because when I look at the "after" I can hardly believe it is the same room.
Goodbye Weiser house. You will forever hold many wonderful memories for our family!



This was just one of the views on our drive home today. Road trips are always a little nicer when the scenery is amazing!



Ten years in numbers: Three thousand six hundred fifty two days. Three states. Six moves. Two kids. Six cats. Five vehicles. Owned a trailer. Sold a trailer. Owned a house. Sold a house.

Ten years in love: Too much to measure!

Happy anniversary, Mike!



Something I learned about myself today...when painting a room, I should never start the second coat in the same place I started the first coat. My anal retentively sharp lines and precise cutting in go rapidly by the wayside and are replaced by a half-assed close enough mentality by the end of the project. That said, the kids' room is painted. One more project crossed off the list!

That squeaky snow is here. This morning's walk to the bus was loud in a really cold way. Minus three degrees. Not quite free-your-nostrils-together cold, but getting there.

Also, I should nap with the boy more often. We snuggled and slept for two hours this afternoon and were both in much better moods because of it.



This morning, as Clare and I waited for her bus to arrive, a light snow was falling. The temperature was nine degrees Fahrenheit. Daylight was just starting to lighten the horizon. The street light was glinting off the freshly fallen flakes, making them sparkle like a million diamonds. Clare and I talked about how beautiful it was. Then she looked up at the snow falling out of the sky, past the light, and said, "Look Mom, it is like there are thousands of little orange fireflies floating in the sky!" Sometimes cold mornings with a six year old can be absolutely magical.



A new year, a new beginning...time to start posting again.

The ornaments are packed. The lights are gone. The tree is down. The floor is swept. Things seem empty, yet clean. The snow is white and a little bit more seems to fall each day, keeping the ground fresh and powdery. The air is crisp and cold, but not so cold that the snow is squeaky. Yet. This is January in Montana.

Our temporary housing will only be ours for a few more days...weeks maybe. We are currently fixing up the adjacent property to move in there. It is odd to be a renter, yet have the ability to rip out carpeting, pull up sub-flooring, refinish floors, paint walls, re-caulk a tub, throw away a ton of pack ratted shit, and who knows what else. I guess we are just too handy for our own good. Or too particular about our housing arrangements. Anyway, after a few more coats of paint, some work in that bathroom, and a couple coats of finish on the roughest parts of the floor, I think we'll start moving. Should be fun!

I'm off to kiss my snugly babies one last time, tuck them under the covers, and head to bed myself.