Appointments to Keep

Yesterday was the 12-week prenatal appointment. Clare and I listened to the wee one's heartbeat. 140 bpm for all of you wivestale lovers out there. I'm not even making any guesses on this one since I was 100% sure that Clare was going to be a boy.

We then went to the library for storytime. Let's just say that after Sitka, it was a bit of a disappointment. No singing, no props, no engaging activity. The lady in charge didn't even read the story herself. She just played a tape. Ummm....yeah! Lame. Oh, and constantly reprimanded kids for wiggling around. Here's a thought: make your story entertaining and perhaps the kids won't be so BORED! I think we will be skipping that activity from now on.

The weather yesterday was a bit less than stellar, but Clare and I still joined Mike for lunch at a playground near his work. While Clare slid, ran, and climbed, Mike and I huddled under the covered playdeck for warmth and protection from the sideways rain. It always amazes me how impervious small children are to the weather when they are having a good time. I have a very vivid memory from Toksook Bay, AK of a small toddler wearing only a diaper (no shoes), standing in the snow and playing in a puddle created from that snow melting. The temperature must have been a balmy 40 degrees.


Lunch with Chudda

Grandparents are pretty much fantastic. They read you stories. They chase you around the house while you giggle-scream. They eat all the pretend bugs you can feed them, and do it with enthusiasm. They love you no matter what. And sometimes you get to have lunch with them at your favorite restaurant! Thanks for visiting, Chudda!

Many Pictures with a Little News

Yep, I haven't posted in a long time. Let's just say that I have been avoiding the computer for the most part because it tends to make me nauseous. Not because it tells me constantly that we have very little room remaining on our hard drive and it will be crashing sooner than later, but rather for a slightly smaller and altogether different reason. In November, we are going to have another baby.
So, here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Things are really turning very green around here. Most of our fruit trees have flowers and the rest are not far behind. It is suppose to be 83 degrees on Monday. That's going to be HOT!
Clare taking a much needed nap!
Planting the ornamental plum in the front yard.
Delicious peanut butter and crackers.
Safety first!
This is what everyone's dishes look like...right?
Ready to cook.
My hero team
Brushing in Jackpot, NV.
The finished wedding dress.

Rainy day activity.