60 Posts 60 Days: Day 55

Tootsie Roll Anyone?

Happy Halloween! What a great holiday to have a three-year-old in the house. Clare wants to be such a helper to everyone. Before she headed out for trick or treating with Mike a few groups of kids came to the house.

"I will go with those kids and help them."

"Kids usually go with their mom or dad or a big sister or something."

"I am a big sister."

Point taken.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 54

Get Your Heiny on Board

Side note first: Heiny is not in the dictionary...what the hell? That's approved slang for butt, isn't it? As in, "Get your heiny over here." Merriam-Webster, you might just need an update!!!

Anywho, heiny is what we call H1N1 around here. Today there was a vaccination clinic within a reasonable distance at a reasonable time of day on a day when the weather was decent and I hadn't spent the previous evening at the hospital due to pregnancy. All systems are go! We did have to wait an hour and a half, but Mike and I are now fully vaccinated and will hopefully be immune within seven to ten days. Clare has another dose in four weeks. The shot was cake. The nasal mist Clare received was, well, not well received. I made the error of telling her what was going to happen, at which point she clamped both her hands over her nose, buried her head in my chest and refused to come out. I had to pry her hands from her face and Mike had to forcibly turn her head toward the man delivering the mist. Then the screaming commenced. I'm pretty sure there was no pain or suffering from the mist, but, oh the agony of it all! And to think that we will need to repeat said performance in four weeks...so looking forward to it.

The baby continues to maintain status quo. Yesterday he was very quiet until it was time for bed, at which point he proceeded to rotate around at least two full turns, perhaps trying to find a more comfortable place to rest his head. Good luck with that son. Guess where it is comfy? Oh, out here in the big bright world where you can stretch your limbs to your heart's content! It if it too roomy for you, I promise I'll swaddle you tightly so you feel at home.

Eight days until the due date and counting!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 53

Sleepy Time With the Fresh Smelling Spiders

Just thought I'd mention once again that I love our basement now. Okay, so there still are giant spiders, other creepy crawlies, lots of dust and cobwebs, unfinished walls, and one scary furnace but the smell of ass is gone! Just so very sad it took us so long to get the problem fixed. I guess with summer just behind us, the season of open windows and continuous onion ring smelling air (from our local onion ring and blooming onion plant), and the house shut down tight to keep out cold air we became slightly more aware of the problem.

In news of other small miracles around the house, Clare decided today would be a good day to take a nap. I couldn't have agreed more. I did manage to sneak one in this morning while I was suppose to be watching The Land Before Time with her but that wasn't exactly fulfilling as I was sitting upright and pretending to answer her constant stream of questions. The nap this afternoon was actually in a bed with covers and a cuddly little body next to mine. And it lasted longer than 15 minutes. Two hours for me, two and a half for her. Plus, she was in such a pleasant, agreeable mood this afternoon. If this phenomenon could only be replicated on a more regular basis!

Have you noticed the countdown? Uh, yeah, now we are in the 50s. Even with the bad math, that is still fewer than ten days until D-day!!!!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 52

Sixty Bucks

Okay, so it isn't normal to have to pour water into your basement floor drain daily or even more frequently. Plumber confirmation of this fact today. Two plumbers in fact.

When we were considering buying this house we were a bit put off by the age of the furnace. Our realtor offered us option of purchasing a home warranty (may have blogged about this before) and we took her up on it. There's a yearly fee and a service call fee but if something breaks they will send someone to fix it and if it can't be fixed they will replace it. It's a nice little insurance policy.

So when the bathtub wouldn't drain again and the thought of climbing around in the tub with my huge belly getting in the way while plunging it and hoping for at least two weeks of good water flow didn't sound very appealing combined with the fact that we were constantly adding water to our floor drain so it didn't smell like ass downstairs, we decided to make the call and get some plumbing taken care of. Of course the home warranty company didn't have any local service technicians, so Mike lined up someone local (two week wait) and then tried a company a bit farther away. That company sent two plumbers out within two hours of his call!!!! Two hours and sixty bucks later (well, we paid the full amount but should be reimbursed all by sixty) our bathtub drains like a dream and our basement smells fresh as can be. I'll need to apologize to the cats because apparently it wasn't their stinky asses after all.

Plus I got some great tips from one of the plumbers:
  • WD-40 removes soap scum better than most cleaners, plus, since it is oil-based, it repels further deposits. Use it on bathtub fixtures and glass doors.
  • Pouring a cup of bleach into each drain once a week and flushing with hot water in the morning prevents the buildup of soap and other scum deposits, thus keeping drains running freely for years and years.
  • A new sewer line typically costs $10,000. If you are going to buy a house, some plumbing companies offer a service of sending a camera down the entire line to check for problems for a minimal cost of about $200.
  • If you own an older home with plaster and lathe walls, use a grinder with a flat grinder blade to cut through the walls where you need access (as in upgrading plumbing or electrical). A reciprocating saw causes too much vibration which results in unnecessary damage to the wall.
Now I'm off to take a shower and not stand in two inches of water while I'm doing it!

And Happy Birthday Gee!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 51

Short and Sweet

Some might call it nesting, but I call it shear panic! The thought of all these unfinished projects looming over me without a second to myself for, oh, say maybe the next four or five months!!! Mike might be feeling it too as we have been fairly productive these past few days.

I had a doctor's appointment today: 38 1/2 weeks down. Things are still looking good. The baby is moving well, has a good heart rate, and is still in the head down position. The ladies in the office commented on how cute I looked, all preggo and stretched out in one of the waiting room chairs! I love them, I do.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 50

The Birthday Official

And it looks like she gets to keep it to herself as her little brother has yet to make an appearance. Tonight we had Clare's Choice for dinner: homemade macaroni and cheese with a side of frozen raspberries and blueberries. She then enjoyed a bowl of cookie dough ice cream. I'm pretty sure she wanted another cake but when I told her we might make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins tomorrow and she could put frosting on a few she seemed okay with that.

We love you Sweet Pea Monkey Butt! Thanks for making our lives even more enjoyable!!!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 49

We Loved the Gibbon

Clare's birthday request was a trip to the zoo. We were planning on going on her birthday but the weather doesn't look so hot for tomorrow so we went today instead. She was super excited to show Mike all the things she has seen before since this was his first trip to this zoo. So excited in fact that she only went down the giraffe slide once. Those of you who have been to the zoo with her before will know that the giraffe slide is her favorite part. Seriously. On the three previous occasions that we have visited the zoo I have practically had to pry her away from the slide, but not today. The weather was great. Cool and sunny. We must have arrived soon after the animals were fed because most of them were pretty active. Which brings me to the gibbon.

Three gibbons (apes (no tail) - not monkeys (tail) as many parents were incorrectly telling their children) occupy one exhibit area. Two active but mellow sorts and one CRAZY teenager type. I have never seen anything like it. He was too cute. The other two were constantly on high alert as he would swing through the cage, jumping here and there, and with no warning attack one or the other of his mates. Play attacks, like a kitten wrestling, but of the full-on, full-speed variety. Mike and I truly loved his antics and had to drag ourselves away to appease the young birthday girl who wanted to look at the giraffes.

Super side note: the zoo smells a lot better at 50 degrees than it does at 100 degrees. Maybe only three seasons of visiting are in order.

Super Super side note: tomorrow my sweet baby will be a three year old!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 48

Still Holding Down the Fort

After a trip to the hospital last night due to some unexpected bleeding, I was sent home with the knowledge that the wee boy is doing fine and that I had three contractions during the time I was on the monitor. I was busy answering questions and what not and didn't even notice the first two. The third one was noticeable, but nothing more than uncomfortable. All about 10 minutes apart. They did continue through the night and this morning but eased up a bit this afternoon. The show is back on tonight but again they are not very strong, not well grouped, and probably just annoying enough to wake me up and keep me up. Hopefully either things will settle down for a while or there will be positive forward progress and Baby Mullin will make a slightly early appearance. Or, this might keep up for two more weeks so that I will be completely sleep deprived when he arrives. I think the smart money is on the latter.

Mike's parents were here for the week allowing me to take naps, lounge in my pajamas on the couch all day, and get a few minutes of solo time. Ah, the luxury!!! Thanks Bob and Carol.

Today we spent some time in the yard. Clare and I raked leaves into a large pile and she spent a good amount of time jumping in them, running through them, throwing them in the air, and picking small sticks out of them. No foreign objects in Clare's leaf pile. I also (finally) transplanted an echinacea plant that had been overgrown by one of our dogwoods. In my hurry to get all the little plants in the ground this spring I really overlooked certain details like appropriate space. I think it will be much happier in its new home and it will hopefully even out some of the other flowers planted in that bed. In the process I did end up showing off a tremendous amount of butt crack to all the traffic passing by. Sorry local residents, if I have offended any of you!

Due to the hospital visit last night, the long drive to Boise, and the potentially excruciatingly long wait in line there were no H1N1 vaccinations for the family today. We are hoping to catch the clinic next Friday much closer to home...


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 47

Mike returned from his hunting trip today, and let me say I do love him dearly because there was not a sign of a bloody carcass needing to take over our kitchen table, be cut up, wrapped, labeled, and frozen. All with a demanding three year old and a huge belly with which to contend. So while I was really hoping for his sake and the relief to the pocketbook that he would have some luck and there would be deer in the freezer I guess the subliminal part of my brain was not on board. Here's to vegetarian cooking! Bring on the beans....


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 46

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It's a good thing we have plenty of activities to fill our days before this baby arrives. Chudda came for a visit. Grandma and Grandpa are in town now. There is the much-anticipated trip to the zoo in the next few days. And of course there are more birthday presents that the little girl doesn't even know about on the actual day of her birth. Then the arrival of Cheda and Auntie Gee Gee.

A few things have been off limits. We haven't been to the playground in a while because I am really not interested, or capable at the point, in monitoring the every move of hand to mouth, nose, or eye to prevent the possible spread of germs, that pesky H1N1 in particular. We haven't been to the library during peak kid hours for the same reason. It's pretty much been a self-isolation routine until we can get ourselves some vaccine...hopefully this Saturday and get our little immune systems up to date with necessary antibodies!!!! Of course, there is only 35% coverage for those under ten so we will likely continue to isolate ourselves for another few weeks until Clare can get the second vaccine on board. Plus, even if he does get some immunity from me, there is still the exposure of wee baby Mullin to consider. He can't have the vaccine until he is six months old. And the jury is apparently still out on us preggos. At first there were reports that we too might need a second dose, but that information has not been updated in some time. And what if you might only be pregnant for, say, two more weeks. Is a second dose still required? Ah, the questions that remain....


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 45

Coma Naps and Other Pregnancy Fun Times

As Mike headed out into the woods this morning for a few days of hunting, armed with not only a rifle but also a borrowed cell phone (thanks Mom and Dad) in case of emergencies (mostly mine), I suddenly felt the effects of waking up numerous times during the night to use the bathroom and was so happy to have Bob and Carol (the in-laws) here for the time Mike would be gone. Just a few hours later I crashed on the bed in what I can only describe as the coma nap. When just a few minutes to rest my legs turns into 90 minutes of non-recollection. Pure time lapse. Which I wouldn't have been able to do (I don't think) without the presence of additional adults in the house. And this coma nap must be pregnancy related, because I'm sure that no one in any other state of mind or body could so effectively tune out 90 minutes of Clifford the Big Red Dog on the TV!

Plus I don't think I have written a sensical (yes, the opposite of nonsensical) entry in the blog in months. Also blaming the pregnancy.

And I'm a bit stressed out about finding the H1N1 vaccine in time....17 days until that due date. Time keeps on ticking.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 44

Two For One

Today Clare and I both had doctor's appointments. Week 37 for me. Three year well child check for her. Somehow, at this point, Mike and I have a tall child. She is in the 75th percentile for height, 50th percentile for weight. She also refused to have her blood pressure checked, had to be bribed so the doctor could look in her ears, cried the entire time the nurse and the doctor were listening to her heart, and needed tactics of gentle persuasion in order to be weighed and measured. On the other hand, I was quite cooperative. Things are looking good on my end. Eighteen days until the due date. Good fetal movement and heart rate. Although I feel like someone has beat my pelvis with a baseball bat I think that is normal. So now it is pretty much down to the waiting game.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 43

Early Birthday Celebration

There is a new member of our household. Her name is Valencia. She has four rather rigid legs, black stringy hair, and springs. Grandma and Grandpa arrived yesterday to help hold down the fort while Mike goes hunting this week and since they were in town we thought it would be nice to have an early birthday party for the wee miss. Her gift from them: a Radio Flyer Spring Horse. Clare chose to name her Valencia in honor of the first horse she ever rode. She brushes her mane and feeds her carrots. Valencia comes with a battery-powered interactive voice which shall remain something of a mystery to Clare for as long as possible. Just call me mean. I can live with it!

Clare and I also made a cake in honor of the celebration. It is one of my favorites. I've only made it twice before but each time I think to myself that I should make it more often. It is a chocolate raspberry torte. A dense, dark, chocolaty cake sliced in half and filled with raspberry infused whipped cream (fool) then frosted with the same and topped with fresh raspberries and mint leaves. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat.

And in one week we will have a bona fide three year old living with us. Honestly, where did the time go?


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 42

Still Hurting

Doesn't this headache know that I've fully acknowledged it and now is the time for it to go away? Because I know that. And Mike knows. And Clare knows. I think even the cats are up to speed at this point. Here's hoping that tomorrow brings a pain-free morning, at least for my cranium!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 41

Pain in the Head

Well, it is my place to vent about my migraines after all. So let's just say that I hate them all the time, but even more so when I have a bun in the oven and can't take any freaking medicine. Well, I can take some things so I shouldn't complain, but still, migraine #2 in less than a week is kicking my ass. And of course it is the weekend. And I'm cheap so I'm not going to the emergency room no matter what (migraine related, baby is a different story).

My dad headed home today after a quick, productive visit. I always feel like we take advantage of him because we don't let him sleep in, we work him hard, and we make him do crazy things like boost himself up into the attic from a too-short step ladder. Although I heard a little groaning, he was a champ, especially at the tender age of 70. Thanks again for coming!!!!

I have some great pictures to put up soon. Just that process of getting them on to the hard drive, then on to the blog. Someday!

Mike's parents arrive tomorrow for a week. Extra hands are always appreciated at this point in the game!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 40


The sprinkler blowout family came today, fought, bickered, blasted a sprinkler head out of the ground and cleared our sprinkler lines for a mere $40. Clare was mighty intrigued, not only with the geyser-like spray from the sprinklers but also with the family dynamics. I'm pretty sure Mike should schedule a vacation day next year so he too can enjoy the show!

Rewiring of the bathroom fan to isolate it on its own ground fault circuit has been completed. This was a crucial step in our quest to insulate the attic. Now the remainder of the wiring on the circuit to which the fan once belonged can be be put on an arc fault circuit breaker, reducing the chance of fires in the attic. Thanks Dad, you're great.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 39


Today Chudda presented Clare with a special treat. A spicy soda. Of the root beer variety. At first she didn't want to drink it because, "Beer is for Daddy and Mom is too young to have beer." When I had finally convinced her it was really just soda we had the following conversation:

Clare, do you want your spicy soda in the can or in a sippy?

I want it in the can.
With a straw.
I want to drink it from the can with a straw.
That's the way I roll.

And that little phrase right there, "the way I roll," made up for a week of cranky, almost three-year-old behavior. I so adore some of the things that find their way out of her mouth!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 38

After a year of sitting in a bag, the log cabin quilt top I made last October has finally been made into a quilt sandwich and rolled up for machine quilting. I was hoping to get started on that tonight, but with the arrival of the dear Chudda (my dad), Clare was in no mood to go to bed early. He is like the king of show and tell. She needs to show and explain everything to him. Their relationship is very interesting. For the first year and a half of her life she really wasn't too keen about him. He was always very gracious, saying that she would eventually come around. And she has. Boy does that girl every love her Chudda. I don't think there was even momentary shyness this time. She was in the bath when he arrived and she wanted him to come in and watch her float (a new trick that requires her baths have much less water than they use to and that she is super closely monitored). Then he got to see some of her things, but she was most interested in showing him where her books were. I think she might remember from his last visit all the story reading they did.

She doesn't know that he is here strictly on business and will not be available for fun until the wiring project is complete! Hopefully it might only involve a day of analysis, labor, and cleanup to get it all running properly. Fingers are crossed. That will give the two of them a couple days to just enjoy each others' company.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 37

The apple crisp is in the oven. Locally grown Johnathan apples, sugar spices, oat topping. Mike and Clare made ice cream. It was a rainy, blustery fall day around here. We had our chimney swept and discussed the logistics of installing our wood stove insert. Spendy for sure but probably worth it. Especially over the course of a couple winters.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. The 36 week check-up. Plus the Demerol shot. I couldn't remember a single question I was going to ask because my mind was so wrapped around the stabbing pain in my left eye and temple and the huge blind spot that blocked half my vision. Then I came home (Mike drove) and literally passed out on the futon for several hours. For the half hour or so that I was coherent between the shot and falling asleep I kept thinking to myself, "Damn, drugs are good." It was a lovely warm and fuzzy, pain-free feeling. I'm not even sure that most of it wasn't just the glory of not having the migraine anymore. I've had mixed luck with the Demerol before, sometimes getting little or no relief, but after expressing this concern to my doctor she has increased my dosage and it works like a dream. I know I'll be dealing with that sore injection site, probably at least until after the baby is born if not longer, but a sore hip seems so much less troublesome than a blazing headache, loss of vision, nausea, and super irritability.

It seems as though the baby has dropped since I measured about a week and a half behind what I should be. The pressure in my pelvis and the relative relief in my ability to inhale a decent amount of oxygen are also good indicators. He's a good boy, still in the head-down position. Hopefully now that he has dropped he will stay engaged and there will be no surprise right-side-up baby at any future doctor visits.


60 Days 60 Posts: Day 36

Is It Too Late For Coffee?

I need some caffeine. Or some narcotics. Since the doctor's office is currently closed and the Emergency Room is far more spendy than a hot cup of coffee I think caffeine will be my drug of choice to take the edge off this nasty, right side of my head, is there something in front of me because I can't see headache. Damn. I should have stayed away from that Halloween candy.

Chocolate: I love you and I hate you. I need you to taste terrible so I won't be so tempted to eat you. Or maybe I am just blaming searing, throbbing, tooth-grinding pain on you when it is perhaps pregnancy hormones or something else. Ah, you are an easy target!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 35

Hospital Visit and Childbirth Class

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with the woman in charge of educational classes at the local hospital where, presumably, this crazy little monkey will be born. I am the only person who signed up for childbirth classes so I get some one on one time at my convenience. Mike may or may not come. Let's keep in mind that he had missed all classes when I was pregnant with Clare because he was always working Monday through Thursday at some remote boat- or fly-in-cabin and classes were Wednesday nights. Not a problem. Plus, it was at the first one that he was actually in town for that my water broke ten minutes into class and I had to leave anyway. I'm pretty much going for the tour of the Labor and Delivery portion of the hospital, a few refreshers on pain management, a possible meeting with the CRNA to discuss pain management if the need arises, and to preregister.

It looks like we will be having a few visitors in the next couple of weeks. My dad is coming to assist on a wiring project and Mike's parents are coming so that he can go hunting and not leave his pregnant wife solo with the first child in case child number two decides to appear a bit early. Following their visit, my mom and baby sister will be coming to hang out until baby number two does decide to make an appearance or they get so bored of our little house and our little town that they make a made dash for home!

Not much happening on the home front today. Mike made some delicious smelling salsa and enchilada sauce (enchiladas for dinner tomorrow!) and I think I did some things although they must not have been very memorable because I really can't recall. I spent the day battling a headache and a general feeling of bodily grossness. Maybe migraine, but I can't quite tell yet. I'll know for sure tomorrow. Fingers are crossed that I am just a bit dehydrated or something????


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 34


Today is officially the day that I consider myself entering the final stretch of this pregnancy. It is significant in the fact that we are now four weeks from the due date. That's a mere 28 days from today. But what made it seem like it might be getting close to the end was the sheer panic I felt when I told Clare that her birthday would be in two weeks and then equated that to the fact that only two weeks after that this baby is due. Uh, two two-week increments and there will likely be a floppy, pretty much helpless infant coming home to live with a rowdy three-year-old who, up until this point, has pretty much been the sole focus of my attention. Time to prepare, I'm thinking.

Now Clare is well aware that her baby will be coming soon. She's super curious how it is going to get out, what she will do while I am taking care of that task, and whether it will be ready to play ball with her. She is also in a very needy state at this point in time so I think she has a sense that my time will not be solely her time. And she keeps asking, "Do you think the baby is getting excited to meet his big sister?"

Ever read Julius, The Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes about Lily, who loves her baby brother to no end until he is born? Then all she hopes for is the day that he will be leaving. Ah, yeah, that's our world. Or Zaza's Baby Brother by Lucy Cousins about how a baby comes home and there is now no time to do what Zaza wants right when Zaza wants it done? Reality stinks sometimes!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 33

What? A Sewing Project Complete? In a Day?

Yes, it really is true. This morning I picked out fabric for a breastfeeding cover and by 11 p.m. it was finished. This is the tutorial I used. And to make things even better I only failed to follow directions in one spot which then required a little creative thinking, but I was still able to create a finished product very similar to the one shown. Pictures (along with those of the teeny tiny diapers) to come.

On a completely different note, have you seen this? I've been reading for a while and find it intriguing, incredibly hilarious, and sometimes painfully true. I think the "making your own diapers" is what triggered my brain to remember to include it in this post.

There is also this, which I also find entertaining, but please don't go here if you are easily offended by swearing. Don't say I didn't warn you.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 32

Picture Day

It's been one of those days, so you'll just be getting pictures.

Mike wearing Clare's pants, at her insistence.
The last of the summer outfits until next year!
An animal menagerie, created by the little girl. She called it, "Piggyback." Mike and I called it something else.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 31

Tiny Diapers For Tiny Buns: Check

Finally. Completion of the cloth diaper project. Clare and I put all the snaps on the pocket diapers today. There are eight total plus I ended up buying 20 tiny prefolds and two diaper covers. That should be enough to last two days, fingers crossed. We will be trying to avoid using disposables as much as possible so convenience and supply are key. I'm thinking that within a few weeks the new baby will be big enough to use the BumGenius one size diapers, but those first few weeks, if my brain remembers correctly, involve a ton of diapers!

Pictures to come.

And I made a deal with myself that I would not be starting any other sewing projects until I wrapped this one up, so now I can move forward toward procrastination of a different project. Ah, the beauty of it all.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 30

A Wrecking Ball

That's the only phrase I have to describe my daughter today. Pure chaos around here. There was the 45 minute fit in the bathroom when she kept calling my name, then freaking out when I tried to open the door. The refusal to go outside and play. The refusal to put on clothing even though it is a tad chilly in the house. The insistence that a bath was in order immediately. Good thing I have all this extra pregnancy hair to pull out. I'm not sure if she is starting to get sick, is overly tired, was hungry (but refuse to eat, thus further lowering her blood sugar levels). It was, I'm thinking, a lovely preview of age 16. Better strengthen my powers of Love and Logic in the next 13 years. On a super positive note, she was in bed and asleep by 7:30.

And 30...that's half of 60! I'd better take some more pictures to supplement my postings. It's sort of like freezing meals ahead of time so when you don't feel like cooking there is something on hand.


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 29

What to Blog About Today?

Should it be that vicious flame-point Siamese who shares our house, demands that we feed and water him, and bites the crap out of the end of my finger (blood, missing skin) when I try to give him medicine? Or would you like to hear about the little tantrum our daughter (so sheltered) threw today after discovering that you can't just rewind TV and watch it again? Or that I was told to use my quiet voice in the grocery store by the aforementioned child?

No, let's discuss the complete lack of knowledge of an employee of the public health department. Because it really riled me up. Seriously. I called because my doctor's office does not carry seasonal flu vaccines for anyone under the age of 18 and I was hoping to get the girl vaccinated before the arrival of her little brother, but with two vaccines (yes, she'll be getting both) there were some questions I needed answered.

  • Do they need to be administered at different times? And, if so, how far apart?
  • Does she need two doses of H1N1 to be fully protected, or, since she has already had the double dose of seasonal vaccine at the age of one, does she only need one dose?
  • Will the H1N1 injection be available through private practice or only through public health?
  • Since I am pregnant, and in the priority group, how do I get notified when the injection (nasal spray not approved for preggos) is available in our area?
Okay, so these all seem pretty straight forward. Nothing too tricky. Except, when I call public health and talk to the immunization receptionist, these are some of the things I hear (and I will paraphrase, since after the first response I had a hard time focusing):

I'm not sure why you would want to get her immunized right now anyway. Flu typically isn't a problem until January and those shots are only good for three months.


They don't even know if the injection is going to work so they are only sending out the nasal mist.

I'm not sure I would get that if I was pregnant.

Uh, what the hell? Here I am, calling with questions that should be answerable by any public health employee specializing in immunization, and these are the answers I get? COME ON PUBLIC HEALTH! Get your act together.

I did end up calling another office, not in our county, to get the answers to my questions and guess what? The wonderful woman I talked to could answer every one of them. Thank you, wonderful woman!!!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 28


This, apparently, is my 100th post on this blog. Not that I would ever keep track, but Blogger does. Hmmm....wish I had some super cool news or the like to share or something great to give away, but alas, no.

We rearranged the house (yet again) to deal with changes in seasons and temperatures plus the addition of the new little Mullin. In the process, we brought the TV back upstairs, plugged in our converter box and, if I stand on one tiptoe with my right leg touching the futon and my left hand touching the doorknob while holding the antennae and singing the Star Spangled Banner, we can watch PBS. Well, it's not exactly that bad, but close. We are going to get (find amongst all of our junk) a longer coaxial cable and move that antenna around the perimeter of the room until we find the best location with the most consistent channels. We'll triumph over digital TV after all! Actually, we didn't get ANY reception on our old TV prior to the conversion to digital signals, so maybe this is good. Or maybe it is the start of that slippery slope we drug ourselves off of almost three years ago. Guess only time will tell.

Happy 100!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 27

What Is That Noise?

Silence is the answer. Twice today I was in the enviable position of having the house to myself. Well, the cats were still here, but they like to sleep a lot. And it was so quiet. Yes, sometimes Clare goes downstairs and watches a cartoon by herself, but I always spend my time anticipating the inevitable, "MOMMY. MMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMMMY!" and the thumping of tiny feet on the stairs, coming to get me. Not today. Clare and Mike took the recycling to the recycling center and later they went to the rodeo so Clare could further delve into her newest love affair: horses. Did I nap like I was suppose to? Nope. What I did do was clean the living room, thoroughly, without interruption. There was no bucket of LEGOS or pile of blankets making their way into my cleaning effort. There were no little feet tromping through the pile of dirt I had just swept. There was no demand for a snack, or lunch, or help on the potty, or anything! Thanks Mike!

The other noise we heard today that we haven't heard in a long time was the sound of rain on our roof. A nice steady rain. And if the forecast is to be believed we will be hearing much more of it tomorrow. We'll see. It is the desert after all.

Today marks 35 weeks of pregnancy. Just five weeks, or 35 days, to go. We'd better think of a name!


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 26

Nothing Extraordinary But Pleasantly Enjoyable

Today was a good day. It started poorly, but after something to eat and some tea things were better. Not too many meltdowns (me), not too much whining (me), no wet panties (Clare). Now we have Mike home for two days during which I seriously hope to take a nap. I've been missing those. Desperately.

Clare was quite cooperative this afternoon while I mowed the lawn. She played with a praying mantis we found by the garage, blew bubbles, and used her sidewalk chalk to decorate her tricycle. Now she is just waiting for it to rain so that she can redecorate it.

All in all, we spent about three and a half hours outside. There was a lot of imaginative play involving her outside toys, lots of rolling, flopping, and somersaulting in the grass, and tons of giggling. Tonight as she was eating her dinner she nearly fell asleep on several occasions. I love it when she has such a fun day that she is totally exhausted by the end of it. Now only if that would translate into an afternoon nap. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?


60 Posts 60 Days: Day 25

Remembering Doug

A picture of his wife was on the Missoulian website this morning. Teresa Beed, meeting with potential grad students at the University of Montana. I read an e-mail from him today, about how we were always welcome in his home when we were in the Missoula area. Then I deleted it. Tonight at dinner, Mike (without any of this other information) said he had learned a few days ago, after an undeliverable e-mail, that Doug Beed, a giant among men, a soft-spoken, ever kindhearted, genuinely brilliant man, a friend, a teacher, one of the dearest people we know had passed away. Sadly, in April 2008. Why didn't we know before? I suppose that since we no longer live in Alaska, we haven't made as great an effort to maintain contact with those whom we love and cherish.

We saw Doug for the last time in December 2007 or January 2008 when we were visiting my parents for Christmas. He was battling cancer (after a misdiagnosis and extensive treatment for a disease he never had) but was feeling extremely positive about the success of his chemo. He was cheerful, spirited, and kind as always.

"I took full advantage of Montana by hunting, skiing and hiking whenever I could. This obituary is to mark my life. Those who knew me know that mark." Doug Beed, his own words in the obituary he wrote himself

And, in a final generous act of giving back:
In lieu of flowers or monetary gifts to charities, Doug challenges you to donate 10 hours of your personal time (over and above any normal hours already donated) to an organization of your choice that is known for helping others.

We are blessed to have had the privilege of knowing you, Doug Beed! You will always be an inspiration in our lives.