Some completed projects that have kept me pretty busy the past few months:
New oven mitt for Kyle

Oven mitt and apron for Eve

Oven mitt for Lisa

Eve's birthday apron.
Ferguson oven mitts

Baby quilt back
Baby Quilt front

Gift bag for one of Clare's friends.

For the preschool

Close up

Apron for Gretchen
Another view

New Cat in the Hat pajama bottoms!


Stockings for Kids

I'm not sure where I saw it first, but as soon as I saw Purple Panda Quilts' request for individuals to make stockings for kids in foster care situations, I knew I had to make one...or two. I knew I could do it since I made stockings for us last year. It was just a matter of buying some appropriate fabric and getting to work.

I sure hope these stockings can help brighten the holidays for a couple kids who deserve a smile or two!


End of Summer, Early Fall

Somehow, summer has come and gone and we are now left with leaves changing color, cooler temperature, and two little munchkins with birthdays fast approaching. We logged a lot of miles at the end of August with a trip to Petty Creek, Gig Harbor, and Bend. We saw all the grandparents, some aunts and uncles, Flathead Lake, the Missoula County Fair, stayed in a hotel with a POOL, went to the zoo, played in another pool (Juniper Rec Center in Bend - Awesome!) with a water slide, and drove, and drove, and drove, and drove some more.
Finn golfing

Bubble girl

Feeding the goats at Point Defiance Zoo

Carol, Clare, and Bob
Where the boy likes to watch PBS Kids

Mr. Picture Face
We are waiting for more leaves to fall so Clare can rake them into a big pile for more jumping fun! Maybe Finn will slow down long enough for me to get a non-blurry picture of him. Maybe.


Finished Quilt - "New Addition"

 Yes, a finished quilt is going to the post office today or tomorrow. I am really loving how all the colors and the quilting came together so nicely on this one. Piecing took the most time, layout took the most brainpower, and the rest was relatively easy!
Quilt front
Quilt back

Quilt and cosmos
Quilt on a crib


 Things we've been up to:
- a trip to Portland to see friends
- a visit from Em
- enjoying the summer
- celebrating (would that be the word?) three years in Idaho

New quilt top for an almost-here baby...must hurry and finish!
Clare and Eve making art

Clare with the birthday girl

Finn at the water park

Clare mountain goat. Good thing it is a good climber. Can't seem to get him heading in the right direction.


Slowly Becoming Summer

Helping Mike with the weeding

Mister Mustache

No more smelly markers!

Ready for school

Working out a math problem

Pumpkin heads

Birthday quilt for Mom

Quilt back

Another view of the front

Clare, Finn, and Hopper

Wake up Hopper!

Finn and Great Grandma

Bumming cereal from Chudda

Chudda, Clare, Finn, Cheda

Finn and Cheda

Clare, Mimi, and Finn

Finn, Uncle Chuck, Clare, and Chester Davies getting a foot pet

Finn, Cheda, and Clare reading a story

And another

And another!

Handsome little devil

Concentration or dirty lip?

A nice hug from Finn

So sweet!