On The Road (System) Again

Little Lovey Sweet Sweet and Dae Dae enjoying some nice weather with some playtime outside a few Saturdays ago.

If you look closely, you'll see our neighborhood deer, Button Buck. He has two little nubs on his head and is very much unafraid. LLSS got within a few feet of him and she wasn't being very quiet at the time. He was good and didn't get in the garden so he remains out of our freezer. I'm telling myself he was not responsible for the demise of my tulips for the second year in a row!

Here we come, America. Back to the Lower 48. It's been a while since we've driven faster than 45 mph, so it might take us a bit to get back up to speed. As for when we will arrive in the lovely state of Idaho, we still do not have a date. Hopefully we will know more next week sometime.

Here is LLSS in her sweet bike trailer that was gifted to us by Dae Dae. Check out her new helmet, crazy blue flames and all. She picked this one out herself. The people at the bike shop spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out which helmet would best fit her giant head. Now we can cruise the streets of our new town in style.

Little Lovey Sweet Sweet and I have been spending more time than usual at the beach, trying to soak in the wonder of tides and tidepools, beach rocks and the crabs they hide, and the smell of the salt air before they become a vacation destination dream instead of the wonders of home. We've also started sorting and packing a few things and doing some "pretty up the trailer" things around the house. I've yanked a conservative 500 dandelions from the yard and there must be thousands still out there with looming puffs ready to spring upon the yard from next door with the slightest breeze. I wish I had a torch. Wait, maybe I do...

This is the black bean soup I cooked up a few days ago. I guess there is one benefit to living in a cool, dank climate. Hot soup still sounds wonderful in June! This recipe is a bit spicier than others that we've used, but LLSS enjoys her meals on the spicy side, so Mike and I have kicked it up a notch. This one had jalepenos and she loved it!