This month I finished a quilt for baby Lola and even got it in the mail. As always, there were a few unexpected glitches, but all in all I think it turned out quite nicely. One of the main things I learned is that it is much better to start on the same edge every time when doing straight line quilting like this. At least on my machine, when I turned it and went back in the opposite direction there was some interesting puckering. Live and learn.I'm not sure why I love white on the back of baby quilts. Maybe because it seems so pure?
This is the front of a new baby quilt I am putting together for some friends who are expecting their first baby in a few months.
This is what I am hoping the back with look like when I am finished with it. Well, much neater, but you get the idea?
Finally, here is the fabric I hope to use in the making of Emily and Ryan's wedding quilt. I still need final approval from the bride but I am really loving these greens, blues, and grays together.
I guess I wasn't quite finished, but the last one is a bit of a secret. I am planning on making a quilt to enter in a contest and it is due at the end of March. It also involves a TON of technical stuff I know nothing about but am going to try to wing in typical Kate fashion. If it turns out I will be posting it here eventually.

Looking for pictures of the kidlings? They are in the January, January post!

January, January

Finny enjoying his first painting experience. Look closely for the matching orange fingers and lips. Yum.Clare chose apron colors. She is also very adept at protecting her own paint while looking quite nonchalant.
Brush and paint in hand, Finn bolts for the privacy of the next room so he can enjoy eating some more paint. Too bad his mama is so fast. He didn't make it far.
The final masterpiece, aptly named, "Crab" by Clare. She did about 98% of the painting.
Getting ready to try some snow. Not a huge fan. I think the cold component was its downside.

Pajama mugshots. I'm not sure why, but they both look a touch guilty.Finn adores his new seat at the table.
Clare's block art. I'm not sure what she was going for here, but it is tall and cool.
Finny and the dinosaur. See, he's holding it and not crying!
Feeding himself.


Christmas Day and The Monday After

Was this ever a fun Christmas! Clare was old enough to really understand the magic of Santa. We left all of her remaining Halloween candy and the Halloween pumpkins for the reindeer and they must have been hungry because the only thing they left were some candy wrappers. Clare thinks they should work on their manners and throw away their garbage!

Finn thought the pile of presents made a great climbing mountain and we spent the morning opening gifts and removing him from the pile. Speaking of Finn, our improvised Christmas tree kept him from tipping something over on himself or chewing on lights. Maybe next year he will have a better understanding of leaving things alone and not climbing them. Maybe.

We had a delicious dinner of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, green salad, cranberry sauce, sweet potato fries, and gingerbread with hot lemon sauce. While it was traditional, it was incredibly relaxing to not worry about a major dinner and spend the day playing with the kids instead of slaving in the kitchen.

Thanks to all of you who helped make this day extra special for Clare and Finn! We love you!!!

Our tree and the Christmas bounty!The stockings, too heavy to hang by the chimney with care!
Finny's new cruiser - thanks Santa
Gift opening
Clare's gift from Santa - Finn can sense small pieces
A little more help from Mom
Who knew five hours of sleep could looks so good!
Vroom! Vroom!
Finn's newest pose, in his new pajama pants
Back to the pose
Christmas smiles
New presents are exhausting
Water bottle from the Morgans
New art supplies
Christmas from Em and Ryan
Next year promises to bring more enthusiastic present opening.
Christmas kitties from Aunt Emmy

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Friendship. There really is nothing else like it in the world. It was so great to spend a few days with the Ferguson family the week before Christmas. Kyle's dad was extremely generous in allowing us all to come and hang out with him at his cabin in eastern Oregon. We relaxed, played games, laughed, drank, ate, and had a wonderful time catching up with our amazing friends. Some day I hope to live closer to them so that we may see them on a more regular basis. I miss them dearly and love them deeply! Thanks K, L, and E for changing your travel plans to include us, and thanks Ron for hosting!

Here are a few pictures from the extravaganza.

Kyle, Eve, and Lisa
At Grandpa Ron's cabin
Kyle Monster
Kyle's Monster
Grandpa Ron's Christmas tree (photo credit: Clare)
Eve and Clare decorating the tree
Cute stuff - Clare getting ready for her first snowmachine ride
Possibly the only way to make her head BIGGER!
Mike and Clare on the machine
Kyle off and riding
Finn telling Lisa how it is
Finny opening his present from the Fergusons
Snuggling with Evey-dog
Super chill
Is it possible to get two kids to look at the camera and smile? At the same time?