A Quilt for Baby C

 Last night I put the binding on this quilt for a new little baby in Sitka. Today, a spectacular February day for Southeast Alaska, was perfect for taking some pictures of it before I gifted it.

A soft flannel back will make for some good snuggle time for little baby C! I managed to sneak in a quick snuggle with the boy while I dropped off the quilt! Tiny baby bliss.


Full Circle

It seems as though we have come full circle as a family, returning to the place where this blog started several years ago. We've added Finn and quadrupled the noise in our house, lived in two states and three houses, made many new friends and said many teary goodbyes. The most amazing thing about moving back to this town is that so many of our friends remain and the warm welcome we received was incredible. There was none of the angst normally (at least for me) associated with finding my way into new friendships, locating all the essentials, and getting lost. Sitka, we love you!

Enjoying the scenic ferry ride from Bellingham

Walking on the Cross Trail

Happiness is rain and mud!

This girl loves a good hike.