Trailer for Sale or Rent

Well, not rent. That would be too easy. We are busily trying to promote the positives of trailer living with an ocean view to any permanent employee of the Forest Service so we can sell this thing before we leave. The pressure to sell a house in not-so-positive economic times is a bit stressful. It is keeping Little Lovey Sweet Sweet up at night. Well, maybe it is keeping me up. That, and all the little details that need to be taken care of before the move, such as, when am I going to make those two gallons of frozen berries into jam?
Speaking of jam, here is the last batch I made: rhubarb-red huckleberry. It is delicious.

And here is a picture of LLSS enjoying the new bench her daddy made for her. Picnics outside are always so nice. I imagine we will be doing this much more often in Idaho.

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