Random Bits of Life

Here are a few shots from Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. This was where we spent the second half of our Uncle Noah Wedding vacation. It was very relaxing and quite beautiful. The sand was soft, and quite the hit with LLSS. Aunt Emmy and I were roped into creating many sand structures that were immediately crushed by the adventuresome wee one.

Here she is with Aunt Emmy, likely trying to get the bubbles!

Here we are enjoying the waves as the wash over our feet. We did get soaked a few times when slightly larger than expected waves kept right on coming up the beach!

Home improvements continue, as do Daddy improvements. Mike hangs a new shade. Clare creates some artwork on his leg!

An unexpected visitor, but a very welcome one...our dear friend Matt, a former Detroiter resident and expert ball thrower stopped over for the night a few weeks ago. He played hours of fetch with an eager retriever, Clare. Bouncy balls are great icebreakers. This picture is from early the next morning. Clare forgot how much she loved Matt the night before.

Little Lovey Sweet Sweet contemplating how many nectarines she can eat for free at the U-Pick orchard.

Here she is, trying to make her count....

Ah, the victory dance! Clare loves U-Pick, and so do we. Fifty combined pounds of peaches and nectarines, picked in less than an hour, all for less than $20. They were so good too. There are plenty in the freezer to enjoy in pies and smoothies.

Plugging her ears like a good girl while Daddy cuts firewood. Our first venture into the woods.

Uncle Jimmy and Auntie J-Dawg came for a visit last weekend. Clare had too much fun. Check out the top-notch service provided by her guitar-playing uncle!

And there she is with Jim and Jessica and Ernie!

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