Off to AK

We leave tomorrow! I am so excited to be taking this little vacation from our normal lives. The only thing that could make it better? Having the baby daddy along for the ride. We are going to miss him terribly! Oh, and a little later flight wouldn't hurt either.

Our 20-week ultrasound was cancelled at the last minute so we won't be checking in on this little babycakes until July 17th. I was hoping for visual reassurance prior to leaving for Alaska, and I'd like to say that I am now waiting patiently, but I am still a bit peeved at being called last night at 6pm with the news. Where's my 24-hour notice, hmmm? Will I be getting the ultrasound for free now? When I went to reschedule, the lady told me, "10 a.m. is the earliest we can see you." Then, when I told her that wouldn't work, it would need to be at 8 a.m., she said, "Okay, we can put you in that slot." WHAT?

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