Oh My God, The Bad Breath

Well, day five is here and with it has come some atrocious dragon breath. All in the plan, at least that's what the information sheet says. I took a peek inside that little mouth today and saw some pretty disgusting-looking scabs covering the entire sides of the back of her throat. Now we are just waiting for those buggers to fall off and the end of the fourteen day calm period to arrive so she can be her rowdy self once again.

We played outside for two and a half hours today. Following an eventful exit from the house involving a small blond boy doing an endo down the back porch steps (boy, was it ever graceful looking) which resulted in a very minor cut to the top of his head, my time was spent in the constant state of reminding the girl to take it easy - no, it's probably not a good idea to roll down the hill commando-style at this point in the recovery - and chasing after the wild man. He is FAST!

Tonight Mike has the privilege of sleeping in Clare's room while I get to wrangle crazy man from whatever time he wakes up in the middle of the night until it is time to get up. Yesterday when I asked Mike how Finn had slept the night before (I was on Clare duty) he referred to their time sharing the bed as "rough snuggling." That sums up our boy!

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