Quarterly Quilt Update

Things are busy in the world of quilting. First up is a commissioned quilt I made for the daughter of some friends. This quilt stretched my quilting abilities as it was neither a color choice I would have chosen, nor a friendly size to wrestle through my machine. In the end, all parties were super excited about the finished product, especially its 13 year old recipient!

Beautiful B&W print by Alexander Henry

 A second quilt I finished was a collaborative effort with Emily for our mutual friend's new baby. The rainbow side is mine. Em and I weren't going for matchy-matchy, but we did want the two sides to look nice together. Apparently we are good quilting team because there was surprisingly little need to haggle over any of the decisions. I did the quilting and the binding and Em got to check it out in person when she visited the baby.
Kona Solids and Birdie Spokes by Jay-Cyn for Birch Fabrics 

 The final finish thus far is a birthday quilt for Sarah. What older sister doesn't deserve a nice birthday quilt? Don't tell the other sibs, but I am going to try to make one for each of them this year! And hopefully one for Dad as well, since Mom got one last year. After months of prompting Sarah for her favorite color and color combinations, this color combinations for this quilt were conceived. The inspiration for this quilt was a sampler of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern in Ohio Sky palette. I added some Kona solids, a couple bird prints from Joel Dewberry, and an Anna Maria Horner print. I love the way the dark pluses pop out, but all the fabrics work so well together.

More projects to come!

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