A new year, a new beginning...time to start posting again.

The ornaments are packed. The lights are gone. The tree is down. The floor is swept. Things seem empty, yet clean. The snow is white and a little bit more seems to fall each day, keeping the ground fresh and powdery. The air is crisp and cold, but not so cold that the snow is squeaky. Yet. This is January in Montana.

Our temporary housing will only be ours for a few more days...weeks maybe. We are currently fixing up the adjacent property to move in there. It is odd to be a renter, yet have the ability to rip out carpeting, pull up sub-flooring, refinish floors, paint walls, re-caulk a tub, throw away a ton of pack ratted shit, and who knows what else. I guess we are just too handy for our own good. Or too particular about our housing arrangements. Anyway, after a few more coats of paint, some work in that bathroom, and a couple coats of finish on the roughest parts of the floor, I think we'll start moving. Should be fun!

I'm off to kiss my snugly babies one last time, tuck them under the covers, and head to bed myself.

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