Sweets for the Sweet

We have been a very busy household. I started teaching again last week. It really isn't too much extra work on my part, just less time to spend with the baby which is sad. She's spends her days with Gee Gee, whom she dearly loves. She spends her nights reminding me that I wasn't there during the day (sobbing at bedtime, waking several times at night, etc.). Not only am I gone, but Mike started going on four day work trips, so she is without him as well. Thank God for Gee Gee. We'd be in a world of hurt without her!

Here is a special little message I added to Little Lovey Sweet Sweet's Easter candy.

Here is LLSS in her Easter get-up. That blueberry stain came out like a dream with some Shout, the kind with the little brush at the top. I'll never buy anything else. This is the face we got when we prompted her to smile. At least she understood she should do something with her mouth, and it did get some good laughs from Dad!

LLSS, enjoy a trip to the beach with Gee Gee. She's sporting her new vest from Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bob. We're not sure if she is totally into it, but Gee Gee and I are so she gets to wear it a lot!

The artesean well. We haven't been here in a long time. It must be beer making time in the trailer! Here is LLSS trying to add a bit more flavor to the brew by filtering the water through her mitten.

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