To See What She Could See

Today the weather was a bit miserable and we were stuck inside, so for Little Lovey Sweet Sweet it was a perfect opportunity to wear a new, fancy dress. Here she is, looking for boats or airplanes...
We did take a trip to the grocery store and this is her prize for being such a good girl while shopping: one FREE SeaMart balloon (well, the string at least). I believe she was looking at a raven perched in a nearby tree in this picture.
Auntie Gee Gee hasn't had the best weather for seeing the sites, but we did get a small break yesterday. We went for a nice walk behind the house. The snow is almost gone, which can only mean one thing. The bears will soon be out! It's a good thing Gee Gee is here for a few more weeks, because the weather looks pretty terrible for the next seven days at least. The herring fishery is suppose to open soon, so we'll be sure to report on that as well.

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