Appointments to Keep

Yesterday was the 12-week prenatal appointment. Clare and I listened to the wee one's heartbeat. 140 bpm for all of you wivestale lovers out there. I'm not even making any guesses on this one since I was 100% sure that Clare was going to be a boy.

We then went to the library for storytime. Let's just say that after Sitka, it was a bit of a disappointment. No singing, no props, no engaging activity. The lady in charge didn't even read the story herself. She just played a tape. Ummm....yeah! Lame. Oh, and constantly reprimanded kids for wiggling around. Here's a thought: make your story entertaining and perhaps the kids won't be so BORED! I think we will be skipping that activity from now on.

The weather yesterday was a bit less than stellar, but Clare and I still joined Mike for lunch at a playground near his work. While Clare slid, ran, and climbed, Mike and I huddled under the covered playdeck for warmth and protection from the sideways rain. It always amazes me how impervious small children are to the weather when they are having a good time. I have a very vivid memory from Toksook Bay, AK of a small toddler wearing only a diaper (no shoes), standing in the snow and playing in a puddle created from that snow melting. The temperature must have been a balmy 40 degrees.

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