Rethinking My Concept of Time

Two weeks ago, at my 12-week OB appointment, my Dr. and I discussed the fact that during the 28 days previous I had experienced migraines for nine. I'm on daily medication currently which was working pretty nicely before the onslaught of pregnancy hormones in controlling my migraines. Due to the wee-nut, she was hesitant about increasing the dose of this medicine. She actually said, "I'll leave it up to you."

Good Mom: Don't Risk Taking Any Additional Medicine.

Bad Mom: Drug Me Now, I Can't Take The Pain Any Longer.

Well, you see, guess I felt I needed to side with Good Mom, thinking I could suck it up for the next eight weeks, assuming this pregancy follows a similar course as my previous one. Didn't seem like that long then. Eight short weeks. Since that appointment, fourteen days ago, eight of my days have been altered in some way by migraine symptoms. And I've taken more pain killers than my liver likes to think about. Maybe an extra 20mg of beta blocker would have been less stressful for all operating systems.

Here's the math: Six more weeks until 20 week mark. Four migraines a week. That's only 24 more days of excruciating, head pounding, nauseating symptoms to deal with. BRING THEM ON! And I'm going to need a refill on the narcotics. On the slightly less than half-full side of things, that does average out to 18 days without symptoms.

Have I said it before? I HATE MIGRAINES!!!

Happy family posts to follow soon.

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Lunden said...

You poor thing! So sorry to hear that you are dealing with such bad migraines. I really hope they go away as soon as possible.