February Updates

Let's start with the wee one. Finn is growing like a chubby weed. He has more chins than he knows what to do with, can't even begin to fit into anything with a 3 month size label, and has creases and rolls that never existed on Clare. He has a bright, willing smile and he is not afraid to use it. He sleeps through the night, is starting to take on the two-nap-a-day schedule, and has a smooth, even temperament. I like to refer to him as "textbook". This child is seriously one dreamy baby!

Clare oscillates between complete independence and being seriously needy. While she has adjusted quite well, there are a few telltale signs that she is not 100% pleased with losing some of the attention once available for just her. The biggest sign is her new-found love of sleeper pajamas (like the baby wears). She would stay in a suit all day and all night if it were up to her. Okay, most days she does if we don't have anywhere to go. Perhaps it is bad parenting, but why cause a fight over something like clothing when we are just going to be hanging out inside and playing board games, coloring, or reading stories? She is a whiz at puzzles and loves to build all sorts of things with blocks. She is becoming so creative in the stories she tells and the way she plays with different things. I love observing her from afar when she is unaware of my intrusions into her own little world of make-believe. She has a boatload of imaginary friends.

We adults spend most of our free time thanking our lucky stars each and every night that we are not dealing with the sleep deprivation that we did when Clare was a wee one.

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