Other Beautiful Things

Finn has found his thumb! The slurping is LOUD...
We can sit him up for pictures now.
There is still a bit of a size difference! He's working hard to catch up. I think he has grown about four inches in the last three months and put on at least six pounds.
Improvised red pockets for the sweatshirt that lacked them. Felted sweater and a zigzag stitch made for one very happy little girl.

There are days when I am overwhelmed by what Clare does with color. It is amazing what her brain, untainted by expectation, allows her to put together. The blocks above are a great example. I just stumbled upon these, almost literally, in the living room the other day. All those greens stacked on one side, all the whites on the other. The colors lined up so beautifully on top of the black cylinders. It is so simple, so beautiful, so pure to me. And I love it. Just as much as I appreciated the beautiful erasers (two posts ago) made even better with the addition of colorful plastic beads. And this little potholder is going to someone who needs a bit of a colorful pick-me-up! The piecing was fun on the front and I really liked quilting it this way although it was a bit intimidating starting from the outside and working my way toward the center. I wasn't sure if I was going to end up with a huge blob in the middle. This potholder has a buddy in different colors although it seems I have failed to photograph that one as of yet. And that is the back pictured below.

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