Goodbye Old Friend

I often find myself repeating the same internal dialogue. New ones are better. But the old one works just fine. I could do so many things with a new one. But the old one works just fine.

That is, until it doesn't. A couple weeks ago found us looking at a camera that refused to take pictures. A quick call to my dad, my go-to expert on everything electronic, revealed that we were going to need to buy a new camera.

Following a briefly frustrating issue with the first new camera having the same issue as our old camera (bad photo sensor), Amazon became my newest favorite store. I called, reported my issue, gave a few bits of info, and a replacement arrived on our porch two days later. And now I can once again document our lives through photos.

We've also been working on the house at bit. Once we secured childcare in the form of a visit from the grandparents, we went to work down in the flooded basement room. Digging out window wells, filling with gravel, new sheetrock, new texture, new paint, soon to be new carpeting (it's cheap and we don't plan on being here forever), trim and perhaps Clare will be back in her room by the weekend. Fingers crossed. Thanks so very much Carol and Bob. We couldn't have done it without you!

And our new furnace arrives tomorrow. I'll give an update on that once it is in and running smoothly!

Here are a couple pictures from the last day Bob and Carol were in town. They took the kids to the local pumpkin patch where Clare picked out some dandies. Looks like there might be a little carving on our weekend agenda as well.

Edited to add: Mom, as you might be the only one who reads this blog, if you want to make the pictures bigger, just click on them and they should open up in a new window!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog too! Love you

Anonymous said...

That was from Em. I left earlier comment from Anon because it seemed easier to post - but then realized you wouldn't know who it was from. Duh!