Dress Up for Dress Up Sake

First up: a little monkey business. This drawing got a bit altered when Finn got his hands on it, but I think it is still pretty darn cute. I'm especially fond of the two arms coming out of the same side of the body, like the monkey is turned sideways and looking back over its shoulder.

Then we have a nice shot taken by Clare. She desperately wants to get her hands on our new camera whenever an opportunity arises. I must school her in the fine art of minimizing mess in photos! Remember, if you'd like to see that mess in even more detail, just click on the picture.

Here Finn shows you his skills at completely unloading a toy tub in less than ten minutes. Oh, the boy is gifted!

Clare celebrated her fourth birthday in style. This is her new blanket from Cheda. She loves it so much as she snuggles under it each night.

Here is the birthday girl, all dressed up and ready to get to preschool. It was a great treat for her to be able to go to class on her big day!

And no photo session is complete without a picture with the baby brother. Clare is eagerly awaiting his birthday so she can play with all of his new stuff as well!

Clare and Finn enjoyed a chilly day at the park. Finn is getting quite good at negotiating the equipment and Clare is eager to show him all the cool stuff to play with.

Finn ate some chalk!

Window decorations for the birthday girl.

Post-cake smile!

Preschool owl treats. Way messier than I thought they would be. Live and learn.

Halloween princess.

The princess and the bee.

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