Catching Up - A Series - Part 2

The birthday boy. There might have been pictures of him with lighted candles but it required all hands on deck to keep him from burning down the place.
Clare modeling her birthday boots. She was ready to go play outside. Hmm. Forget something?
That's the preschool pal. He came to our house for a week, ate all our food, made a huge mess, then demanded to go live somewhere else. Clare loved having him and the responsibility of documenting every minute detail of their time together.
Here they are watching a bit of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Valencia got to be part of the gang on this occasion.
Here's a picture Clare drew of our family. I'm particularly fond of the earless cats. Speaking of cats, we now have an extra to call our own. Joyce's kitty became our kitty. It hasn't been a smooth transition to put it lightly. We'll keep trying.

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