Catching Up - A Series - Part 1

It should come as no surprise that I have once again fallen behind in posting on the blog. I'm pretty sure a lot has happened, although I'm guessing the most important thing is Finn getting new teeth since this has directly impacted the operation of the entire household. As of today, the boy has three molars and none of them have come easily. Sleepless nights, crying, crankiness, and the like have been very common. I'm hoping number four shows up soon and those bottom lateral incisors with it.

Life has been pretty peachy for Clare aside from the undiagnosed double ear infection I let her live with for who knows how long. She is doing great in preschool, growing like a weed, and getting more and more clever by the day.
These two love each other and Clare is pretty much willing to do anything it takes to get a shot like this!
See, he adores her. I hope they like each other's company just as much in ten years.
And finally, a picture of Clare's newly remodeled bedroom. I think it looks pretty darn good. I am especially liking the chair rail as it divides the room nicely and allows for me to hang things higher on the walls without them looking terrible.

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