What's Under Your Kitchen Floor?

Damn if curiosity didn't get the better of me this weekend. That, and a migraine. Oh, and I fell down the stairs. But even so, I was still bound and determined to find out what the mysterious flooring was under all the layers of eighty years of renovation. On top we have the amazingly cheap (priced at H.D. when we first moved in, it was by far the CHEAPEST per square foot) contemporary vinyl, poorly glued, not so expertly cut, bubbly, already ripped, need I say more. Under that is a snazzy second layer of vinyl, white in color with gold accent stripes and glittery gold sparkles. Both Mike and I are sure we've seen it around in other houses we've lived in. Below that, still another layer. This one is old school linoleum with the black tar paper base. I'm thinking the original color may have been a gray with some red mixed in, but seeing as the contractor/home owner who laid down the white vinyl actually used a glue with some sticking power, the top surface of the linoleum is tightly adhered to the bottom of the vinyl.

And under it all.... original oak hardwood flooring that matches the rest of the upstairs. Now, I'm not sure of the condition of the entire floor. After hours (between eight and ten total) I've only managed to remove layers and residual glue on the small entry section by the back door. But I am motivated! I did a little internet research and discovered the answer to my sore shoulders, ripped up and bleeding skin, and multiple slivers: a wallpaper adhesive removing steamer. For less than $50. Time is money and I'm ordering it. The portion of floor I have uncovered so far looks to be in remarkably good shape. Depending on how the rest comes out we will either refinish it or paint it. I'm hoping it is in great shape, but sinks and stoves have a way of making for not so nice floors over time.

The migraine is in day three so I'm hopeful tomorrow will be the end. The fall down the stairs was only about seven or eight steps with most of the impact going right to my ass. Didn't feel it yesterday too much because I was so doped up on painkillers, but today when I went to sit on the floor to play with Finn it was like the day after a long, hard day of trying to get of the chairlift on a snowboard. Lesson learned as well: don't try to multitask while walking down stairs when you have a migraine. FOCUS!

Here are some recent pictures of the darlings!

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