A Spring Day (sort of)

After a morning chilling with Dae-Dae, Little Lovey Sweet Sweet enjoyed some brief snippets of sunshine this afternoon, interspersed with gusty winds, rain, and hail. That's spring in Alaska for you. We went to the beach but arrived near high tide with barely a touch of sand showing. LLSS desperately wanted to beachcomb, but do to inappropriate footwear and, well, a lack of a beach we had to make a deal to try again later.

Here she is getting ready to go for a wagon ride with her dad while I whip up some dinner.

And here she is helping her dad carry firewood around to the porch. Have you noticed a spectacular trend that involves a love of helping out with household chores?

If you have superior eyesight, you might notice the daffodil bulbs emerging from the ground in the rock rings. The tulips are up as well. Now I just hope they can survive the freezing weather that is forecast for this weekend.

Here are the four quilt squares I have completed thus far. I like how they are coming together and can't wait to mix them up with a few more. I'm still not sure what the finished dimensions of this project will end up being. I'm just going to make squares until I am sick of them, then put them together and proceed from there!

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