Rain Bubbles and Sunsets

Ah, the wagon is so much more fun when there is someone to share in the excitement of riding. Little Lovey Sweet Sweet and Dae-Dae went for a quick zip around the neighborhood and down to the beach on Thursday. The weather wasn't so nice, but with enough bundling and blankets, I was really the only one feeling the cold. Plus, these two are sporting their matching Rain Bubble Suits. And thanks to Eve, they were nice and cozy under a double layer of bright and bubbly fleece!

Here they are down on the beach, just before they both decided to make a mad dash for the surf. It was at this exact moment that I was doubting my sanity in trying to corral two determined toddlers in their struggle to test the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Trailer living doesn't seem so bad at times, especially when you can enjoy a sunset like this from your kitchen. After a morning of mixed rain and snow, the afternoon was quite beautiful and the evening ended with this beauty.

Yesterday was also my first day back in a classroom in quite some time. I got a glimpes of my students at their best and possibly at their worst. This is what I learned (or remembered WAY TOO LATE):

  • Don't do art projects that involve glue, paper, paintbrushes, or kids getting out of their seat.
  • The Friday before Spring Break is almost as bad as the day after Halloween.
  • The first day away from LLSS was not as bad as I had envisioned it partly due to her spending a great day with her dad.
  • The rulers will now be moved to a VERY high shelf.

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