Glorious Nap Where Art Thou?

The nap is eluding us. When I say us, I really mean it. Sure, LLSS is the one to actually take the nap, but both of us benefit in the end. Happy baby, happy mom. So, instead, we did some nice things: had a tea party (our fourth or fifth of the day), went for a walk since the sun was actually shining, and made some bread together. LLSS was a bit cranky by the evening hours, but not too bad. Maybe that sunshine brightened her mood like it brightened mine.
We took this picture in the morning, before all the lack-of-nap crankiness began.
The quilt is finished. I sewed on the rest of the binding this weekend and washed it on Monday. I love how the bright blue binding contrasts so nicely with the oranges on the front.
And here is the back... I machine quilted around all the rectangles on the front. They were certainly close enough and it did take some planning to make sure that I wouldn't dead-end somewhere, but rather stitch off the edge of the quilt after each square.

And in happy migraine news, I have not had any major headaches since last Thursday, so for two weeks that is only two and one was cured with Tylenol. Wow! My hip is still sore from the Demerol shot ten days ago. What do they put in that shot? The same thing happened last time. Bizarre.

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