Spring is slowing coming. The snow is melting from the sunny parts of the yard. The fruit trees have buds. The daytime temperatures have crept into the forties, oh glorious forties. Kids are wearing shorts to school again.

Here is another picture of Baby Ella's quilt. My trusty assistant held it so nicely for me. Thanks, Mike! This is after washing and drying it so it is a little crinkly.

Everything in our house is now an item of clothing. Rug pad = dress. I'm thinking this might have something to do with the fairy godmother in Cinderella, since most things turn into dresses.
Auntie J-Dog sent this AMAZING hat to Clare last Friday. It has three fins and a tail and two felt eyes. Clare adores it almost as much as she adores the aforementioned J-Dog!
And that is a sucker from the bank. It seems as though LLSS requests to go there every day. I'd like to think that she is very interested in economics and such, but I know it is really only for the sucker.
The newest treat in her life? Condiments. She is in love with ketchup and mustard. Today she had an indepth conversation with Mike about how mustard is spicy and ketchup is sweet, but they are both good for chicken nuggets. And it seems that nuggets may be optional considering this picture.

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