Homemade Victim

Last weekend, when we still had snow on the tree lawn, Mike took LLSS for a little trip to the Playground Park. As reported back, they had a lovely time. Here they are returning. Clare has a wickedly happy grin on her little face.

Aunt Sissy's wedding is coming up. What to wear? What to wear? Aunt Sissy's favorite color is green and she loves birds. Why not make LLSS a new dress? Yes...make. Use a pattern? Oh, no. This is fitting number three. Let's just say that I am getting pretty handy with my seam ripper. Plus, when I work all the kinks out, I should be able to crank out a few more of these.

Attempt number one: Shouldn't this fit over her head?

Attempt number two: Clare: "Uhhh, acckkk, gah!" The noise a child makes when the chest portion of a dress is a bit too snug.

We also went to the library a couple times last week. Clare is in love with the idea of taking a book for the evening and returning it the next day. Plus, it gives us a great excuse to get back into our daily walking routine after giving up our post office box in lieu of free home delivery.
A couple of Clare quotes from the past few days...

"It is inceptible to poop in the bathtub. It is ceptible to poop in the potty." No mention of where diapers fit into the grand scheme of things.
"And I want you to bring some cheese. And we definately need to bring a banana." Directions given to me before our little trip to Ontario today.

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