Christmas Day and The Monday After

Was this ever a fun Christmas! Clare was old enough to really understand the magic of Santa. We left all of her remaining Halloween candy and the Halloween pumpkins for the reindeer and they must have been hungry because the only thing they left were some candy wrappers. Clare thinks they should work on their manners and throw away their garbage!

Finn thought the pile of presents made a great climbing mountain and we spent the morning opening gifts and removing him from the pile. Speaking of Finn, our improvised Christmas tree kept him from tipping something over on himself or chewing on lights. Maybe next year he will have a better understanding of leaving things alone and not climbing them. Maybe.

We had a delicious dinner of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, green salad, cranberry sauce, sweet potato fries, and gingerbread with hot lemon sauce. While it was traditional, it was incredibly relaxing to not worry about a major dinner and spend the day playing with the kids instead of slaving in the kitchen.

Thanks to all of you who helped make this day extra special for Clare and Finn! We love you!!!

Our tree and the Christmas bounty!The stockings, too heavy to hang by the chimney with care!
Finny's new cruiser - thanks Santa
Gift opening
Clare's gift from Santa - Finn can sense small pieces
A little more help from Mom
Who knew five hours of sleep could looks so good!
Vroom! Vroom!
Finn's newest pose, in his new pajama pants
Back to the pose
Christmas smiles
New presents are exhausting
Water bottle from the Morgans
New art supplies
Christmas from Em and Ryan
Next year promises to bring more enthusiastic present opening.
Christmas kitties from Aunt Emmy

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