Twas the Week Before Christmas

Friendship. There really is nothing else like it in the world. It was so great to spend a few days with the Ferguson family the week before Christmas. Kyle's dad was extremely generous in allowing us all to come and hang out with him at his cabin in eastern Oregon. We relaxed, played games, laughed, drank, ate, and had a wonderful time catching up with our amazing friends. Some day I hope to live closer to them so that we may see them on a more regular basis. I miss them dearly and love them deeply! Thanks K, L, and E for changing your travel plans to include us, and thanks Ron for hosting!

Here are a few pictures from the extravaganza.

Kyle, Eve, and Lisa
At Grandpa Ron's cabin
Kyle Monster
Kyle's Monster
Grandpa Ron's Christmas tree (photo credit: Clare)
Eve and Clare decorating the tree
Cute stuff - Clare getting ready for her first snowmachine ride
Possibly the only way to make her head BIGGER!
Mike and Clare on the machine
Kyle off and riding
Finn telling Lisa how it is
Finny opening his present from the Fergusons
Snuggling with Evey-dog
Super chill
Is it possible to get two kids to look at the camera and smile? At the same time?

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