Hard Core Narcotics to the Rescue

Well, that migraine monster didn't go away as planned. I hate it when that happens. So we made the trek back to the doctor's office for a shot of some good old Demerol. Ah, you might be thinking, that will kick that migraine. Well... that's what I was thinking too. When I got a shot of it in Sitka it worked like magic. By the time hour three had passed and the only benefit of the shot was a glorious Phenergan-induced nap, I was pretty sure that something else was in order.

Should have called Mike at this point for back-up...

Instead, opted for blinding (literally) pain on the left side of my head for several long hours, all the time thinking, "That Demerol should start to work pretty soon..."

It wasn't until the early hours of the evening that I took my second large drug cocktail of the day: phenergan and two Tylenol with Codeine. Okay. That, coupled with twelve hours of sleep knocked the migraine nearly out. There were still a few residual twinges this morning but they had cleared up by noon. Now, here's hoping the beta blockers will work to prevent a new one from starting up. Fingers crossed everyone!

Yeah, drugs....

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