Random Happenings

On Sunday, we took a drive to the Owyhee Reservoir in Oregon. The weather was nice and the further south we went, the less snow there was on the ground. In twenty miles, the snowpack decreased from ten inches or so to nothing. We had passed on the idea of rockhounding Saturday because we thought we would have to dig through a foot of snow before finding rocks, but now we know better.This picture was taken near the end of the road, although the reservoir continues for quite a bit in the opposite direction. It was still chilly and the wind was blowing, but the main reason LLSS wouldn't look at the camera was the sun. Sitka Baby at heart!
Here is a little ingredient photo from dinner sometime last week. Lindsay's Lentils. Notice, in all my brillance of setting this up, I forgot the lentils. I used red lentils because I think they taste better in this dish (and look nicer). I don't have a recipe, just an ingredient list, so it is always a bit different but good just the same.

Here is our little fashionista. We especially like the days when she picks out her own clothes. I'm thinking we are to blame for this look, since that is her pajama top. Probably right after a diaper change. Those are her, "Santa booties."

Last week, I heard a voice call out from the kitchen. When I arrived, Clare happily announced, "I spelled your name." I asked her to read it to me. She said, "It says Kate." Well, duh!

Finally, here is a bit of the landscape between Baker City and La Grande, OR. This was part of the previous weekend's roadtrip. Hey, gas is cheap so we might as well see the area while we can afford it!

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