60 Posts 60 Days: Day 58

Running Out of Posts

Day 58. First of all, who knew that I would ever be able to stay on track for such a long time. There were a few days when I was actually headed to bed before I realized I'd forgotten to post something. This only leaves two more days in which I'll need to be on the ball. After that, no promises!

I had my 39 week doctor visit today. No progress. It was almost devastating in a way. A whole week of contractions, pain, discomfort, lack of sleep, and absolutely no change. Another reason to have all that extra pregnancy hair on your head - so you can pull it out!!! This baby's due date is Saturday, so he'd better decide to get a move on. And in a hurry.

Don't ask the pregnant lady if the baby has arrived...she'll be more than happy to tell you!

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