60 Posts 60 Days: Day 60

Pretty Unbelievable

Wow. Sixty days is a long time for me to commit to anything let alone follow through. Add to that a pregnancy nearing an end (hopefully very soon) and it seems nearly miraculous. Okay, so not every entry was super exciting, probably most bordering on mundane, but it did make the time pass more quickly and gave me a bit of a challenge.

Today's chores for the visitors included cleaning up yard waste. Leaves, annual flowers, tomato plants, pepper plants, cabbage bottoms, etc. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so getting it all out of the yard seemed appropriate. I meant to put some caulking around the edge of the porch where it comes in contact with the house but didn't get that accomplished. A little extra defense against water and bugs. I know there are plenty of small cracks and holes to fill along the sides of the house so perhaps I will try to get as many of those as possible too.

Where to from here? Well, I won't guarantee a blog post every day. I will update regularly though. And I will include pictures of the new wee one when he is born (hopefully very soon).

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