60 Posts 60 Days: Day 12


The plumbing issues that are part of an old house are to be expected I suppose. This morning's plumbing project involved a new shut-off valve for the water as the old one leaked even when turned all the way off, then leaked again when turned on. The guys from the water department were super helpful, not only in their willingness to turn off the water at the meter without even 24 hours notice, but also their promptness with the initial turn-off and then again when turning the water back on! I'm not sure how loaded their schedules are but a huge thank-you to them regardless. And no leaks!!!

And on to the bathtub. Clogged. Again. We (well, Mike) tried taking out the clean-out plug in the P-trap but I don't think anyone has removed it in 80 years. So it was back to the plunger, because for some reason completely unknown to me and in defiance of physics, I cannot get the snake to go around the trap. And I've tried. Because I hate plunging and the stuff that comes out of that drain and up into the tub makes me want to vomit. So super disgusting. Today Clare even said, "Don't put your hand in there with that, Mom!" in an alarmed voice as I was trying to scoop it up so it wouldn't go back down the drain. Gross. It's draining again so maybe when my dad comes back for another visit he can bring the big guns (impact drill) and we can get that clean-out out. Until then, cheap rubber plunger, you are my friend.

And a big Happy 30th Birthday to my brother Morgan (yesterday). We love you!!!!

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