60 Posts 60 Days: Day 19

Fierce Competition

When there is a wee girl just learning to use the potty and a pregnant lady with a baby's head constantly resting on her bladder, there is bound to be conflict on who gets to use the toilet first. Especially when there is only one in the house. So far, the wee girl has won out every time but one (which resulted in a snotty, blubbery fit), but as this baby gets bigger and my bladder gets more pressure, we'll see. The problem with the wee girl going first is that she is slooooowwww. Not so much the peeing part, but the decision making process that follows: how much toilet paper is enough, which hand to tear it off with, how many wipes, which side of the potty to get off of, which foot to put back into the panty first. Oh my god. I could literally scream in frustration each and every time, but I am trying to make potty training exciting and not terrifying so, for the most part, I have refrained.

And now I understand why some houses have more bathrooms than bedrooms.

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