It's still hot! But, in a couple days it is suppose to cool down with highs in the 70s. I'll just let you know that there is at least one pregnant lady in southwest Idaho who is excited by that news. For one thing, there are lots of projects that need attention and no one really feels like climbing around in the attic when it is 95 degrees outside. Lots of cooking too. We have tons of tomatoes in our garden waiting to be transformed into roasted versions of their sun-ripened selves. There is also a large batch of homemade spaghetti sauce planned, corn to freeze thanks to our generous neighbor, and soups and sauces to be cooked, cooled, and frozen for eating later (like after the baby comes and we need something that requires only one hand and no thought to get on the table). I've started making a list of things to make and freeze and hopefully will be able to make extra servings of most meals and freeze them as well. Plus, the delicious Hale peaches should be ripe soon. I love the U-pick orchard!

Since the last post, my mom came for a visit, Clare rode her first horse, we went camping and firewood cutting, visited the U-pick orchard twice, and my belly has gotten huge. I'll put up 26 and 31 week pictures for comparison. And I'm getting breastfeeding thighs. With Clare, I wasn't sure where those extra seven pounds were added, but there is no doubt this time around. They'll be extra cozy for the new baby to sleep on. In the meantime, they should be super helpful when the waddling commences. I'm pretty sure that is not far off.

Here are some pics from the month, plus a couple from our Bend visit that I didn't pull from the camera in time for the last post.

Clare reading with Cheda

Going to the park with Cheda and the sand toys

A nice zucchini from the garden

Watching steer roping with Mike

Riding a horse for the first time with Kiley

Making Mike do the hard work

Camping trip

Diaper change, Thermarest style

Just relaxing with Tiny Furry at Jim and Jessica's

Hiking with Uncle Jimmy

Look Dad, no eyes!

26 weeks
31 weeks

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