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Making Teeny Tiny Diapers

When Clare was still small, before I was introduced to the beauty of BumGenius in our own home, I bought some diaper-making materials and made a few diapers for her. We had originally tried traditional cloth diapering with prefolds and flats, but her skin was so sensitive to either having wetness directly on her skin or being in the nylon pants that it was a constant battle to keep up with her diaper rash. And the entire time we were trying to be more environmentally conscious, our baby had this grossly sore butt.

Then I started babysitting Connor and he had these delightful Fuzzi Bunz with a fleece lining between his butt and the absorbent insert, and I thought, AH HA! So I bought the stuff and tried making a few of my own for Clare. They worked out alright, but between babysitting and taking care of an infant, there was little time to make more. I ended up buying BumGenius 3.0 one size diapers which she has been wearing ever since with very few problems.

Now that the wee one is going to be joining us, I plan on using the BG diapers, but many reviews comment on how huge they are on a newborn. I constructed a new pattern, cut up some pieces, and sewed up a teeny tiny diaper. It looks like a winner, but I don't have a teeny, tiny butt to try it on as of yet. I have enough material to make eight more. These should get us through most of a day and, with a quick wash at night, we will be able to seriously cut down on our disposable diaper usage! I mean, I'll be up at night anyway, right? Depending on how these go together and how much time is left when they are complete, I might order up another supply of materials and make a second batch. Wash every two days!!! Even better. Plus, even with shipping, it comes out to less than three bucks each per diaper. At 25 cents a diaper, that's only 12 uses and they have paid for themselves. Less than two weeks! And when we are finished with them, we can pass them along to another cloth diaper user. I'll try to post a picture soon.

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