60 Posts 60 Days: Day 16

So, this morning I was thinking that on Saturday there will only be six weeks until this baby's due date. Six weeks. Oh crap, only six weeks. That spurred me into getting into the kitchen and starting the prepping/cooking/freezing portion of getting ready to have absolutely no time to prepare meals. After looking at several recipes, I got tired and took a nap while Clare watched Peter Pan. I did manage to make a double batch of garlic pasta (just the sauce) and froze four dinners worth. And I made extra sweet potato black bean enchiladas tonight and froze those as well. Tomorrow I am aiming to make a freeze Rachel Ray's version of corn and black bean stoup, carrot soup, and if all the stars align, samosas (plus some for dinner). I keep telling myself it is all about organization and time management, two qualities I am seriously lacking in these days. But better now than when there is a squalling infant, a demanding three-year-old, and absolutely no sleep.

Tonight, Clare and Mike made ice cream. They are so cute together in the kitchen.

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