60 Posts 60 Days: Day 17

With Neighbors Like These

Our wonderful next door neighbor grows seed crops and we have benefited on more than one occasion. He has brought us corn and onions galore. Yesterday he arrived with beans of the kidney variety. Twenty-seven pounds of them to be exact. He is so generous and kind. I haven't asked him yet, but I consider him my backup ride to the hospital if I end up needing one. He's just that nice!

The beans arrived in a box which peaked the interest of our cats immediately. I put a second box over the top in case there was a mouse or some similar type creature inside. When I took the top box off there was a cricket clinging to it. That also explains the loud chirping I heard last night. Clare and I weighed and bagged the beans today. She scooped them from the box and put them in the yogurt container until we had a pound, then I put them in the Ziploc. She watched the numbers on the scale and kept asking, "Does it say one point zero zero zero yet, Mom?" Not like she understands what that means, but still cute.

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