Average, Average, Huge

Once again, Clare's head exceded normal size limitations. We went for her two-year-old well-baby check today and she seems to be normal except for that noggin. She is a healthy 25 pound, 33 1/2 inch walking bobblehead. Head circumference: 20 1/2 inches. Man, we love our little bobblehead.

Here are a few shots from the past week. Little Lovey Sweet Sweet playing in a huge pile of leaves, courtesy of our weeping birch and some hard-core raking by me.
And here she is spending some quality time under the table with her polka dot blanket courtesy of Eve. Thanks, Eve! She loves it.
And Tracy (and Julianna), close your eyes. Perhaps this will be headed your way sometime within the year. Here is my first attempt at thread basting.

It rained this morning and was foggy yesterday. It felt a bit like Sitka, without the mountains and ocean of course.

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