Finally a Song

LLSS has been singing songs for us for a bit, but every time we try to capture it on video, she shuts down. It's as if the camera creates a stage fright phenomenon. She repeatedly says, "Yes," but will not sing. So today, in a rare moment, I was able to capture this:

In quilting news, here is the back of the baby quilt. It is waiting for a binding, a box, a trip to the post office, and a new home. Clare wrote this for me today. She called me over and asked me to read it to her. I sounded it out. Her reply was, "No, Mommy. It says, 'No.'"
These apples were a gift from our neighbor Harold (of green grape notoriety). The arrangement is by Clare. "I made the apples a circle, Mommy." Nicely done. This was Wednesday. They are still there, looking lovely.

Last weekend, Mike replaced the tube in his front tire, the victim of yet another goathead. Clare was mighty interested in the whole process. They make such a great team. I love to watch them work.
The team, once again, trying to determine what was wrong with the truck. This was the second day we were delayed by a mechanical issue. All better now, thanks to this brilliant team and a little outside help.

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