Renovation Sunday

Well, the time has come to remove all the crap from the basement that was left here for our enjoyment by the previous owners. Included in the wonderful junk collection were cabinets, both hanging and on the ground, disgusting old carpet that might pre-date the house given its condition, lovely odd pieces of wood nailed here and there and assorted other items. The bed of the truck is full, several large garbage bags went into the trash for collection tomorrow and the air cleaner is running full steam in an effort to clear the dust from the air. And it was all accomplished in about seven and a half hours.

Things of interest:
Dust can collect for seventy years in cracks and crevices without being cleaned up, especially behind large, heavy items.
Silverfish, or earwigs, live under large sheets of unidentified material when placed near basement windows and boy can they ever move quickly when someone is trying to smash them.
Rubber dish gloves really are a girl's best friend!
Mike and I make a really good team when it comes to clean up. I love that man!

Of course, in typical form, I forgot to take "before" pictures of the space, although I'm not sure the "after" pictures are too exciting. Removal of all these items really only revealed a whole new list of things that need attention (walls painted, floors painted, window sills replaced, etc...). But at least it is some sort of progress. Yeah!

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