Some Notes from the Kitchen

Mike and I went back to our dinner-menu-for-the-week plan last week. It really is lots easier for shopping and just not having to think of something when 4:30 rolls around. So, I used those excess moments think of other, non-essential items instead.

Here are some notes from the kitchen for the past week:
  • It is a really good idea to have the husband and baby go to the store while you are cooking risotto. No interruptions make the process so much smoother.
  • When making risotto, long grain white rice is NOT a good substitute.
  • Double the macaroni and cheese recipe, freeze extra in small containers. Easy lunch for LLSS.
  • Make pizza, then call someone. Pizza is just the right temp when you get off the phone. No roof-of-mouth burn.
  • When offering the baby frittata, don't label it "eggs." She apparently likes the way "frittata" rolls off her tongue.
  • Always throw in some fast, easy favorites (Pumpkin Sage Pasta).
  • Clare will still not eat fish. Spicy salmon burgers were not a hit. Even with sweet potato french fries.

One more night of dinner here before we head off to the Pacific Northwest. It is looking like chicken, red onion, and bell pepper broiled then topped with cheese and made into sandwiches.

I also did some baking today. There is something so soothing about the smell of freshly baked bread on a crisp fall day. And I threw in a pan of cinnamon rolls for breakfast, although they are half gone already. They are going to be delicious with my coffee tomorrow morning!

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