Here's a little recipe I discovered recently:

1 healthy baby
1 well-baby appointment
1 doctor's office
1 plastic table
1 activity cube
2 magazines
1 friendly four-year-old

Mix all of these ingredients together. Wait three days. Sneezing will indicate that the mixture is successful. Runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, and stuffed up head to follow.
After all the symptoms have developed, allow once-well baby to sleep in parents' bed so at least someone in the family can get some rest.

Makes me think I should have kept her home from the "well" baby visit as she is now a "sick" baby. At least she got a flu shot out of the deal as well. Now, if only she would learn to open her mouth to breathe while sleeping.

Here is a little conversation we had on our way home from the post office yesterday.

"Look mama. Two puppies (small dogs, but full-grown)."
"Yep Sweetheart. What are they doing?"
"The doggies are playing tag. He got him."
The two dogs are now having sex in the road!
(Giggling a bit.) "Yep, Sweetie, he got him."
It seems a bit early for the birds and the bees to me.

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